This Beautiful Future

“I hear birds but they’re a long way off. They don’t like the ash in the air round here.”

Elodie and Otto are teenagers in love. Hidden in their farmhouse-loft, they talk, tease and touch. Elodie has found a small egg and brought it home and Otto wants to start a war – with pillows. Outside, the picture is different: it is Chartres, 1944 and a real war is raging. Elodie lives under German occupation while Otto, a soldier, pledges faith to the Fuhrer. Can a beautiful future emerge from this single night of artillery raids?

Intimate, tender, and sensual, This Beautiful Future is a captivating portrayal of first love against the odds. Rita Kalnejais’ drama was acclaimed on its debut. Film and theatre director Chirolles Khalil directs rising stage and screen stars Katie Eldred and Freddie Wise.